Sunday, November 8, 2009


When I first saw the above flyer/ad for Spike Lee's 51st Birthday celebration for Michael Jackson the first thought was try and make moves to be up in the place when it all went down. The second thought was something along the lines of thinking the design solution of placing text around "70's Michael's afro halo was something we'd wished we'd had the chance to do ourselves because we thought it was dope! The third thought was one in which we wondered how obvious of a cool design idea it was that we thought that it was amazing that no one had ever done it before. Our next thought was- but wait- this looks familiar to us and someone, somewhere, has had to have conjured up a similar solution at some point in time. The more we thought about it, the more we thought that it reminded us of something else but we could not place it. But behold! While thumbing through a MOJO (great music mag by the way) special issue on album cover design we stumbled upon it. Roberta Flack's "Quiet Fire" album- the inspiration for the MJ flyer.

And we ain't mad at 'cha- who ever you are who deisgned the MJ flyer for feeling the design inspiration and taking a sample. We love that Flack cover design as well. Some concepts are classics!