Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm just sayin'. I mean, I came across this picture of Rick James with these two women while doing a Google search on another topic for this blog. It's a picture I've never seen before and I'm assuming it's from one of his albums. I'm not sure of which one. All I can really say about this wild-out and outrageous set up is what I said in the above Title of this post.

Side note: It's interesting that the White woman's chest is covered as well as her rear-end. However, the Sistah's chest is on full naked display for all to check. I guess you can say that that White woman's behind is barely covered in her thong-like bottom piece. Never the less, she's covered. Now, I know Rick was an equal opportunity freakazoid and did not discriminate with the ladies. But it's just an interesting thing. Someone had to make the decisions for the art direction for the photography on this shoot. Nothing is arbitrary or by accident. Just an observation that I felt warranted a mention.

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