Friday, April 2, 2010


Nneka - Walking
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Below is all that I can make out from the lyrics of Nnemka's song "Walking"-- my new favorite banger, jam, joint, song.

Black. Blackness. The Black side of me. C'mon. Listen up.

... We belong together...
We ain't givin' up.

See my people on the road walking I'm not sure as myself where we're headed to... We're going so fast. We're going so fast
... Cause they made the rules we're living in today... It's all good 'cause there is one who sees you ever... Take heart... We belong together... We ain't givin' up...

You have no trust in the fact that of being strong...
...and though you lack physical riches... you have achieved spiritual growth. This is what counts. So don't worry about all these things that pass away 'cause the grace of God is sufficient for you. Don't go astray... We belong together...C'mon... We ain't givin' up. Keep on walkin' baby. Keep on movin' like me... We belong together... C'mon... We ain't givin' up.

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